NCMB partners with NC Controlled Substances Reporting System to allow online registration

Licensees of the North Carolina Medical Board may now register for access to the state’s Controlled Substances Reporting System (NCCSRS) online via the Medical Board’s website. The NCMB encourages licensees to routinely use this state-run database to review patient prescription history. Regular use of NCCSRS data can help licensees avoid prescribing controlled substances to an individual who may be seeking to obtain these medications for inappropriate or illicit use.

To register for access to the NCCSRS via the Medical Board site, licensees must log in to the NCMB’s licensee information portal. Licensees will be required to enter their licensee fileID number and date of birth. Users who do not have their fileID numbers may click on “Recover fileID” for an alternative means of login.

Once logged in, licensees should select “Training & CSRS” from the menu and click on link provided and fill out a brief online form to register with the NCCSRS. Licensees will be required to provide their DEA registration number and email address. Confirmation of registration with the NCCSRS will be emailed to the licensee within two weeks.

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